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Story Of Jamal Is Not That ‘Kamal’!

I am 46 years old. I came here sometime in 2004 on a labour visa. I was happy with my work. I was able to take care of my family’s basic needs with the little money I sent home. Life changed with a fire that happened in my villa and it burnt down all my legal documents here. After that incident, my life changed. I lost all my certificates and hence couldn’t apply for any office attendant jobs.

Today, I manage my life by doing menial jobs like cleaning jobs at four to five offices and helper jobs at groceries. All these don’t give me a steady income. I survive on kubooz and water on most days. I have college-going children back in Kerala. I haven’t visited them for the last three years.

By sharing my story to the Pravasi community, I expect some good advices to improve my life or some helping hand to get me a proper job. I have a clean background and am very sincere at work.
(As narrated to TajDubai Reporter. Name & picture changed for privacy sake.)

ansi123 2016-07-05 11:46:56