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Who are you? Have a proper understanding of this before you visit here for a job. Are you a creative wiz? A go-getter in sales! A technical monster! If not, what can you deliver the best? What jobs can you handle, how good are you in multitasking?
Many a times, we see people working in one field and holding degree in some other fields. Only reason is they grabbed the job out of necessity or lack of availability of jobs at the time of their job hunt. Later, the job becomes his field and gradually degree certificates become history. So be prepared!

You need a sponsor to live here. In most cases your Employers will be your Sponsors. And he has a major role to play in your Pravasi life. Right from getting subscribing a mobile phone service, renting an apartment, applying for family visa, opening a bank account, buying a car, or even getting a liquor license, you need consent from your sponsor. So wish for a good sponsor than a good job!
Coming from a truly democratic country where you are used to seeing people standing up for their rights against authority. Remember this is not a democratic country, it’s an Elective Monarchy
Expect disparities in salaries and privileges. Asians are paid far lesser considered to Arabs and Europeans. There are some fair reasons. When you take your savings home, the money value increases whereas for a European it decreases three or four folds. He needs a fatter salary to earn things back home. You may witness gender inequality. If your tolerance level is less, don’t waste your time and money.
All the more, get used to a changed weekend pattern. Thursdays & Fridays are weekend here. Sunday is the first day of the week.