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Consumer Rights


Consumer Protection

You have the Right:

  •   To be protected from products and services which are hazardous to health and safety.
  •   To be informed of the facts that helps you to conduct a proper purchase and consumption.
  •   To choose between several alternatives of goods and services at competitive prices with quality assurance.
  •   To be heard.
  •   To satisfy your basic needs for the most necessary goods and services.
  •   To be compensated against any shoddy goods, unsatisfactory service or fraud practices.
  •   To be well educated, to acquire necessary knowledge and skills required to practice conscious selection of goods and services, and to be aware of the basic rights and responsibilities through sustainable education programs.
  •   To live in a healthy environment.

Be a Smart Consumer

  •   Check the source of the goods, and also check if it is old, expired or reconditioned. Eg: Goods like mobile phones and other electronic devices.
  •   Follow the instructions to use the product as stated in the stickers shown on the product.
  •   Check the date of production and expiry of the products.
  •   Always compares prices to get the best in price and quality.
  •   Retain your purchase invoice copy and a copy of the product warranty to exercise his rights to return or replace defective products.
  •   Your complaints help the government authorities to check illegal practices and eliminating misleading publications and promotional practices.

Retrieval & Replacement Policy

The wordings “GOODS SOLD ARE NOT REFUNDABLE AND NOT TO BE REPLACED” itself is a violation of the law because any vendor must return and replace the goods in the following occasions:

  •   Any goods found defective.
  •   Goods incompatible to the specifications demanded by the consumer.
  •   The issuance of an official mandatory order to retrieve the item.
  •   Repeated consumer complaints on such item.

To successfully return or replace your purchases:

  •   Always attach the purchase invoice with your complaint.
  •   Always provide product warranty.
  •   The consumer must inform the vendor by the defected item within a period specified by the vendor, not less than 14 days.
  •   The rejected good must be in the same condition as when purchased.

Discounts, Prizes & Promotions

  •   Compare prices before and after discounts to avoid been ploughed by wrong discount messages.
  •   Check the quality of the products presented during promotions and discounted sales.
  •   Keep the prize voucher until the expiration of the offers.