Citibank UAE


Established in 1964 Citibank UAE is the branch of Citibank in the United Arab Emirates. The bank has been present in the Middle East region for more than 50 years and is represented in UAE, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco with more than 30 branches and offices across the region. The bank offers a range of corporate finance services including securitization, project and structured trade finance, syndication, and advisory. In UAE, the bank has five branches in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, six Financial Centers (or Electronic Banking Units) and a network of 77 ATMS located at various commercial centers.
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HSBC Bank Middle East Limited – HSBC


Launched as British Bank of Iran and the Middle East, HSBC’s presence in the UAE dates back to 1946 when it opened its doors to the merchants and citizens of the Emirates. Following its withdrawal from Iran, the bank was renamed the British Bank of The Middle East (BBME). In 1959 BBME was acquired by The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. The bank played a key role in the establishment of a banking sector across the MENA region. In 1994, the bank's head office was transferred to Jersey and in 1999 it was renamed HSBC Bank Middle East. In 2001, the Group’s shareholding in Egypt increased to 94.5 per cent.
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