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Bank of Baroda


We welcome all NRIs of UAE to bank with us. In order to cater the growing needs of NRI customers and to provide best services we have setup India Desk at our Dubai Main branch.
In UAE we have network of six branches and we are the only Indian Bank providing full fledged Banking facilities. We have more than 3100 branches in India. You can bank with any of our branches in India.
NRI Services


DUBAI – Tel: +971-04-3136682/80; Fax: +971-04-3535548; Email: indiadesk@bankofbaroda-uae.ae
ABU DHABI – Tel: +971-02-6322000/206; Fax: +971-02-6335293; Email: indiadesk.abudhabi@bankofbaroda-uae.ae
DEIRA – Tel: +971-04-2600900/202; Fax: +971-04-2298518; Email: deira@bankofbaroda-uae.ae
SHARJAH - Tel: +971-06-5037931; Fax: +971-06-5738137; Email: sharjah@bankofbaroda-uae.ae
RAS AL KHAIMAH – Tel: +971-07-2269377; Fax: +971-07-2269399: Email: rasal@bankofbaroda-uae.ae
ALAIN: Tel: +971-03-7519880; Fax: +971-03-07-2269377; Email: alain@bankofbaroda-uae.ae