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Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

Share and care is not just a generous act. It is the need of the hour---reusing things and helping the overall sustainability of Planet Earth!

Reuse of anything reduces consumption of raw materials, energy, and other resources, which otherwise would have been used in fresh production of the same product.

More than clinching a bargain, you are saving Planet Earth by buying and using a pre-used, or as they say these days, a pre-loved, thing!  It’s time to evolve and change your outlook when it comes to buying or selling used things.

Encourage yourself to reuse things. Whether affluent or not, we hardly opt for buying and using used things. For many, it’s something infra dig. It is time to break down the silos of conventional perceptions. It’s a question of letting our thoughts evolve and behaving responsibly. Encourage others also to reuse things.

Make efforts to mobilize such usage, and feel proud to donate, buy, or sell used things.