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Don’t Just Witness. Report Right Here!

It’s truly unfortunate to witness an act of abuse or violence. But ignoring such acts for simply keeping you safe and away from trouble is a bigger crime. So please don’t shy away from reporting it. Even if you are the victim of abuse/violence, then please don’t hesitate to report. You can do it right here! TajDubai works as a go-between for these kinds of issues affecting the peaceful life of the Indian community members. We help you to get connected with the concerned authorities.

We also provide information on how to stay safe at work place and support victims experiencing domestic violence. We provide confidential support, referral and information for victims of crime.

Contact Al Ameen from within the UAE 800 4888
From outside the UAE +971 800 4888
SMS Service from within the UAE only +971 50 1894444
Al Ameen BlackBerry (BB) pin 28A59898

Inform Right Away

  •  Give the description of the event/matter along
  •  Give your contact details or that of the concerned person
  •  You also have the option to send us a picture.
  •  Click Report Now

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