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A menace in menial workers’ life.

Read here the story of Amir. It’s a story of cheating and exploitation. This is one among many such sad stories here in UAE. Being the largest community in UAE, we can surely ward off this evil, if we join hands. Come, join the discussion and let’s make a positive impact on menial worker’s life!

Amir (name changed) works here in UAE for the last 17 years. He was working under a local Arab’s sponsorship. He has been doing menial cleaning jobs all these years. Two years back his middle man Thomas, who was his only link with the sponsor, had to leave to India for some personal reasons. All these years, Thomas used to demand money from Amir saying his sponsor asked for it. Moreover, Thomas was extremely careful in not allowing Amir meet his sponsor. But after Thomas left, Amir got a chance to meet his sponsor. That is when he realized that his sponsor never even took any service charge for his sponsorship. As usual when he gave him the renewal money, he took only the expenses and returned the extra money.

This is one among many such cheating stories. The life of workers in sweatshops is even worse. Can we hear some solid ways to stop this menace caused by middlemen?