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Dinner is ready! You keep saying over and over again. No response. Go all the way to the study. You see your husband engrossed in his latest iPhone. Call him again he responds as if he is waking up from deep meditation. Sorry, he hasn’t heard a single call of yours. Next time try turning off the WiFi router. The call will for sure come from his end. This happens in most homes.

How creative, constructive, productive, or destructive you use internet is not the question. ‘Whose time’ are you using is what matters. Your wife’s time, your kids’ time, your parent’s time! Are you getting addicted to social media, and virtual relationships, than the physical world around you? It is time to do a personal introspection, because most of the divorce cases in India points out internet as the main culprit in deteriorating the quality of family life. Things are not much different in most developed countries.

The world of WiFi has brought in lot of convenience to our life. No doubt about it. Isn’t it time for us to come up with a healthy WiFi culture, before it ruins of our family values and systems.

Can we hear some solid views, comments and debates on the subject and see if we can find a happy balance. Now come, let’s discuss and see some new interesting dimensions to the discussion:

Addy_The_Ace 2017-04-08 15:22:59

anyone there ?

Addy_The_Ace 2017-04-08 15:23:14