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Chat, Be It Personal or Emotional Matter

Sometimes talking to can make you feel better and see things in an improved and positive light. Start chatting with our Chat Guru.

Chat Guru is a wonderful character. Very friendly and polite, Chat Guru has a youthful heart and an irresistible power to bring the positivity back to you. Or absorb all that you want to teach!

Chat Guru also believes that chatting with someone can uplift one’s spirits since one could discuss all of his or her frustrations, disturbing emotions, adverse situations etc. You can rest assured that Chat Guru will listen empathically to your chat and you may even get some quick advices or encouragement to carry forward and face your tiny problems with equanimity.

What’s more, this is a personal chat room where only you and Chat Guru are there. You can treat us in utmost confidence. Nothing will go out of here.

Depending on the nature of the issue, if you wish, Chat Guru will even help you to get connected to the various Grievances Cells/Counselling Services provided through various departments of the Government of UAE/Dubai and the Government of India. So if you are going through any of the following, please feel free to talk to our Chat Guru and get connected to the right channel to understand what could be your options:

  1. You have personal problems and want some expert advice.
  2. You have financial problems, need some advice/suggestion.
  3. You have emotional or psychological problems related to stress at work or family problems.

So come let’s sit and chat!

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