TajDubai is a unique web portal dedicated to serve the Arab and Indian communities living in the UAE. We provide the users all the information they look for in a single platform that too in a much organized way along with news, videos, suggestions and guidance. At TajDubai, we merge two huge websites – MARHABA TAJ where ‘ARABS explore India’ and NAMASTE DUBAI where ‘INDIANS explore UAE’.

At the NAMASTHE DUBAI, which is live online, we offer all that matters the day-to-day life of the “Pravasis” – the Indians living in UAE. The portal comes as a key to their new digital home. Devoted to building a community platform inspired by positive thinking, we work to improve community welfare. We help to mobilize resources within the community, and also continuously provide useful, up-to-date information on Dubai that matters the community.

At the same time, the MARHABA TAJ – yet to be launched, will focus on the Arabs living in the UAE. We offer anything that interests the Arab Community when it comes to India – be it their business investment interests, travel and tourism guidance, education and health solutions, or simply take them on an exciting and truly exotic shopping spree of their lives.

Furthermore, TajDubai works as a perfect lounge for its users to unwind with constructive talks and heartening discussions. It is created as a one-stop-destination to do all kinds of on-line buying and selling; ordering food; booking holidays; choosing medical checkup packages; catching up with the news and updates; and even to ‘knowing one’s rights. Best of all, TajDubai also works as a great platform to put one’s generosity into action and help one’s own people.

Being a ‘Highly Responsive’ web portal, TajDubai delivers 24X7 all the preferred info and services to the user’s smart gadgets. Touching lives - everyday, every moment; our excellence as single-stop destination will have our TajDubai visitors make us a daily habit, visit us time and again, as they will find everything that they desire here, literally at their finger tips.